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Crafts Connection - Members sites are a collection of Crafters, Artisans and Crafting of all types including but not limited to all handmade

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Crafts Connection

Manager: webusiness
Crafters, artisans and crafting of all types: jewelry makers, computer generated art, craft suppliers, craft wholesale, ceramics, all hand made craft items and anything related to crafting and handmade collectibles will be found here.

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TuffBoard Cake Boards, Circles, Rectangles and Squares - 02/19/2007

TuffBoard cake boards are 100% grease and moisture proof and 100% recyclable. They steal NONE of the precious moisture from your cakes and have NO cardboard dust or waxy residue. Home bakers - discover the new age way to show off your baked creations at their very best! Professional bakers - increase shelf life and appearance and word of mouth sales!

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