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Abuse Survivors - Support, intervention and information for survivors of rape, incest, sexual abuse, spiritual abuse, mental abuse, emotio

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Abuse Survivors

 Subrings: Child Abuse   Domestic Abuse   Elder Abuse   Physical Abuse   Emotional / Mental Abuse   Sexual Abuse / Molestation   Incest   Rape / Sexual Assault   Ritual Abuse / Spiritual Abuse   Post Traumatic Stress Disorder   Dissociative Identity Disorder  
Manager: tattooed_ogre
Created for websites whose content is focused on childhood sexual abuse, rape, incest and sexual violence.

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My Experience With The IFB Cult (or Why I Am Writing This Blog) - 12/16/2012
My first experience with an IFB church happened in 1985. The man I was planning on marrying started going to one , 'got saved' and baptized and wanted me to go with him.  After much debate, I gave in and went several times.  Looking back, I'm glad I did go . I was like the man from Pilgrim's Progress....I was carrying a load of sin on my back and knew it. I asked Jesus to forgive me, come into my heart and we have had a steady, sometimes-rocky, love affair to this day. Some may think I am anti-religious because of my stand today. In a sense, I am. However, I am NOT anti-faith. I feel that organized religion has become just another governed entity with shareholders, CEO's and corporate standards. Those are NOT God's standards.  I also believe that IFB (Independent Fundamental Baptist) churches  have become a blight on faith. Their doctrine is one that upholds the views of men as being holy. It also holds a demented v...

My Experience With The IFB Cult (or Why I Am Writing This Blog)

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