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Re-direct problem with Web Ring is ruinning my blog - 11/28/2013
My problem: just got this email that reads"When I try to go to your blog it only comes up for 2 or 3 seconds then jumps to a Web Ring for Bloggers who Embellish. I would love to see your blog - let me know if I can get there another way." Previously to this I removed the Web Ring code of the blog because this was happening while I was entering the blog. I am very upset. This is ruining my blog in a moment where I really need it. My user ID is Belinha. This is my blog: I really could use some help here. Thank you very much!

Replied - 12/16/2013

I just came across the same problem on my site. My link bar had been there for years. To fix it you need to log into WebRing, manage your listing and get updated code for the link bar. Paste the new code and the problem will be gone.


Re (28): Re-direct problem with Web Ring is ruinning my blog

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