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Navigation Code Wizard

The Navigation Code Wizard is designed to actively and intelligently assist you in getting your WebRing navigation code properly installed on your web site.

Your site information:
WebRing User ID: ablessg
Ring: geocaching
Site: 148
U#: defurl
Registered URL:
URL tested:

The Navigation Wizard has determined this site has valid navigation code on it already. You do not need to alter it.

You may double check that it PASSes via your site Site Maintenance page. If it fails to PASS, please contact support (use the Help/Support link at the top of your Site Maintenance page). Include the site information listed above and indicate this discrepency. If it PASSes and your site is currently pending or suspended then you should wait at least 24 hours to allow the ring manager or auto-manager time to activate it. If you haven't heard by then then, contact the ring manager using the link on your Member Tools menu. If that email fails (is returned as invalid) then please contact support.

Specifically, your web site has valid SSNB code for this ring membership.

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